You’d Be Dancin


You’ve got me talkin’ to myself
But I’m not makin’ any sense
What you heard is what I said
But what I said’s not what I meant (I mean)

I thought that I conveyed the meaningIn the words I spoke to you
But it’s clear from your expression
That you haven’t got a clue

And everything I say is taken wrong
Everytime I try
To explain the reason that you’re wrong
Makes you tilt your head at me and sigh

But if you knew what I mean
Could see what I’m tryin’ to say
You’d be dancin’

I thought I phrased it quite cleverly
So you would see things my way
When do we start dancin’?

I know you’re speaking English
‘Cause I recognize the words
It’s their meaning that eludes me’Cause it’s not in what I heard (I mean)

The consonants and vowels
Are arranged to make a phrase
But someone tipped the Scrabble board
I don’t know what they say

And everything you say makes perfect sense
Until I realize
You don’t mean the meaning of your words
You really only mean what they imply

But if we knew what we mean
Could see what we’re tryin’ to say
We’d be dancin’

And if we
Spoke the same language then
Words wouldn’t get in the way
That’s why we’re not dancin’.






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