ooooI wrote my first song – on a guitar with two strings – in 1959. It was called Look at My Baby, She’s In Orbit ‘Round the Moon. Since then, I’ve written about a thousand songs, recorded seven albums, and performed around the world. During the 60s I was in several rock ‘n’ roll dance bands. The early 70s were my solo “James Taylor/Dan Fogleberg” years during which time I auditioned at Apple Records in London. (They already had a James Taylor. Go figure). It was during this time, though, that I really began to take songwriting seriously. In the mid to late 70s I began my career in advertising and directed much of my musical effort to jingles and commercial music scores, for which I began to win awards, which was very nice. I also began performing on national jingles, which was very nice. In 1990 I released the first of five albums of original music reflecting my spiritual journey, and traveled around the country with my family playing churches large and small and just about anywhere else that would have me. Later, I found audiences all over Europe, in the Middle East, and Africa. By early in the second millenium, I felt as if I’d said just about all I had to say from my somewhat unorthodox Christian perspective and, after moving to Nashville, began writing contemporary country songs – which will appear on the upcoming album Better Late – and, most fun of all, what I call “musical curiosities” songs musically reminiscent of the 30s and 40s and lyrically of Noel Coward, P.G. Wodehouse, and Ira Gershwin. These will appear on the album Musical Atavistic by my group “A Roomful of Curiously-Hatted Gentlemen.” Rough cuts from both of these albums are available for download. My songs ramble over a very broad musical landscape and I covet the opportunity to pour them into your head. Enjoy!

                         Contemporary Country by David Crossman



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