(Wedding) You Never Know

You Never Know – about love that arrives late and unexpectedly – was written for the sister of a dear friend (not among those pictured). I’ve since discovered her’s was not an isolated incident.

A Word for Romantics:

A successful marriage is the adventure of a lifetime – a journey not to be undertaken lightly – and one to which both parties must be willing to surrender everything, forever, each for the good of the other. Don’t commit to the journey if you don’t have the heart for the storms. But if you do, the reward IS the journey. End of sermon.


Here are the lyrics:


You never know
When you awake what mysteries the day might hold
What wonder and surprise await discovery
Just outside the door
Suddenly you open up your eyes
And although everything is as it was before
Everything has changed

You can’t believe
Sometimes it seems as if you’re walking through a dream
Down paths you were convinced you’d walk alone
Someone takes your hand
And all at once your song is joined by harmony

Hand in hand and heart to heart
From this moment on
You and I belong

And now we know
And though we seal this sacred promise with a kiss
Our love with grow through so much more than this
So come unlock the door
This is what we’ve waited for

Hand in hand and heart to heart
From this moment on
You and I belong

Wherever God may lead
You and I are “we.”

The chord sheet is available for $9.95, the purchase of which entitles you to use the song at your wedding, with my blessings. You can also purchase an mp3 of the guitar track for $24.95. Send your request to


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