Fantasy fiction

The beauty of the world of fantasy is that is has no borders; it is past, present, future – or no time at all; sometimes all at once. It can incorporate the real, the imagined, and the unimaginable. It can span any distance, inhabit any space, and to the fantasy writer the impossible is just the beginning. That’s why writing good fantasy is so difficult. Amazing premises are a penny a dozen, but how do you turn that premise into a compelling story when your imagination is unconfined by natural, societal, historical, mathematical, or physical boundaries of any kind? In short, when so many paths are open to you, how do you keep the story from running away with itself? More importantly – how do you shepherd these multi-colored, feather-covered flying sheep to an ending the reader will find satisfying, or challenging, or thought-provoking and – ironic as it may sound, believable within the context of the world you have created? Entering that world armed with nothing but a pen (or word processor) is both terrifying and exhilarating. As to whether it’s a journey I have managed with any degree of mastery, you will have to decide for yourself. I invite you to Storyteller. – David


One response to “Fantasy

  1. Deborah Stone

    February 8, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    Started reading this sample – Amazing! What an imagination you have!!


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