Winston Crisp Mysteries

Maine island mysteries

“In the venerable Winston Crisp, Crossman has created an engaging, plausible sleuth who relies on brain rather than brawn.” New York Times best-selling author Tess Gerritsen

“David Crossman is a wizard!” Kennebec Sunday Journal

“…sheer wind-chased delight.” Courier Publications


My wife and I were in a little pub in Castle Coombe, England, working out the plot for the latest Winston Crisp mystery. We were the only people in the place. The more we talked, the more oblivious we became to the world around us, unaware of the evening crowd as it filed in. Eventually their social murmur and convivial laughter wove itself – if only subconsciously – into the grim mosaic of our discussion as we examined ways in which to dispatch a particular character. There followed a space in which we both inhaled at the same time, and the realization seeped into that brief silence that it had suddenly become very quiet. Looking up from the napkins that diagrammed our deadly dilemma, we were met by the horrified stares of our fellow patrons who, quite understandably, misconstrued our conversation.

We got up, stuffed the napkins in our pockets, paid the bill . . . and allowed them to wonder.

A Show of Hands

The Dead of Winter

Justice Once Removed


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