Leftovers and Fractals

Where do you put socks that have lost their companions? Yin that has misplaced its Yang? All those invaluable, irreplaceable, (and often unidentifiable) objects that have slipped some key component that made them whatever they are and you’ve always-intended-to-get-around-to-fixing but never have (and never will) but you can’t bring yourself to throw away? The junk drawer, of course!

The same can be said of the orphans of creative endeavor; songs, stories, and ideas that were inspired by some singular occasion and are, therefore, born to a world in which they’re fruitcake in July.

Those of my songs and stories that fall into this category will ultimately end up here, in this island of misfit toys I call Leftovers and Fractals. I hope you will find among them a gem that shines in the light of your particular perspective.

(Male/Female Communication) You’d Be Dancin’

(Wedding) You Never Know

(Halloween) You Should Be in Bed

(Private Investigating) P.I.Every Time I Fall

(Being Misplaced) Every Time I Fall

(Image vs Reality) Goodness Me

(Speaking Out) Testify

(Complaining) I’ll Pray for You

(Fear) What Are You Waiting For?

(We All Need Help) Self-Made Man

(You Don’t Want God, Until You Need Him) Self-Made Man

(Unshakeable Faith) The Rock

(Moving On) I’m Crossin’ the River


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