Contemporary Christian

A lot of people are confused by the phrase “becoming a Christian.” What does that mean? Aren’t Christians born, the same way Muslims, or Jews, or Hindus are born? In a sociological, nominal sense, yes; but Scripture indicates that becoming a Christian in the spiritual sense requires a conscious decision on the part of the believer to invite Christ (or the Spirit of Christ) into his/her life (heart, mind, what-have-you). I took this step – after much soul-searching and primarily to impress a girl I was particularly fond of – in 1973, little knowing that I was buying a ticket on an amazing, frightening, exhilarating, challenging, and very rough roller-coaster ride through spiritual realms of whose existence I had previously been unaware. The songs in this collection are musical markers of that journey, and I invite you to make of them what you will.


ooooFootprints On My Wings
ooooWhose Fool Are You?
ooooWhich Way to the Coliseum?
ooooMirror of the Idol’s Eyes
ooooSongs From the Wilderness



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