Meanwhile, Back in the Real World

26 Nov


NOTE: The following was written in response to an article in the Wall Street Journal in which the writer stated, in support of the political football of Climate Change that “50% of Republicans accept climate change”.

Curious: I fail to see how the argument for climate change is somehow ratified by the statement that: ‘over 50% of Republicans accept climate change.’ I should think 100% of any party would accept climate change – because it does. If it didn’t we’d all be dead within months.
First there was the threat of global cooling (late 1950s – mid-1970s), which filled a lot of coffers, but eventually – since no scientific verification could be jinned-up to support the theory – the academic/scientific community had to invent another crisis with which to pick Uncle Sam’s pockets.
I’m sure there was a meeting and equally sure that if someone could dig up the notes of that meeting, the text would reveal that someone said something like – “We need a new crisis; Global Cooling is losing traction. How about Global Warming?” Eureka! Thus were opened the floodgates for a financial windfall that flowed unabated for decades, despite scientific evidence to the contrary – (Consider this) – But finally Chicken Little was called to account for the fact that nature refused to cooperate with computer models and their dire prognostications.
The result: Was there outrage at the scientific/academic community for this monumental ruse – as might be expected of a rational populace? No. Instead, blind, blithering, froth-mouthed hatred is leveled at those who point to the fact that the sky isn’t falling!
The pro-calamatists, however, seeing the writing on the wall – even the most deeply self-deluded climate-warming fundamentalist must, eventually, tumble to the fact that none of the predictions were coming true – performed a brilliant marketing pirouette. That meeting, I imagine, went something like this: “We need a new disaster. Global Warming is losing traction. How about Climate Change?” Everyone at the table smiled evilly – visions of new Teslas dancing in their heads. It was the perfect, perpetual, demonstrable crisis: a license to print money! After all, no one could prove that the climate wasn’t changing! I mean, it changes every day!
Perverse kudos to those who fooled us not once, not twice, but three times!
What does that make us?

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