14 Aug

David and his wife, Barbara, are Christian missionaries. In that capacity, they have engaged for the last three decades in humanitarian work in many of the world’s war-torn and disaster-prone nations. They provide material and financial support to orphanages, centers for disabled children and the elderly, small business entrepreneurs, construction projects, and agricultural ministries. They also conduct marriage and family counseling, anti-corruption, and law and justice seminars and teacher training programs. In addition, they provide assistance to other organizations dealing with victims of endemic problems such as sex-trafficking, substance abuse, and domestic violence. The heart of their ministry, always, Christian discipleship and mentoring. The Minjin Project is the 501(c)(3) through which they raise tax-deductible support for these and other ministries. To learn more about their work, please CLICK HERE.

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Posted by on August 14, 2017 in Alibi-Folio


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